Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ice Fishing TipUps

Big Reel Tip Ups
...One of a kind patented reel ...the Cadillac of Ice Fishing Tip Up Reels!
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One of a kind patented turn is approximately 1 foot of line travel.

Bright orange reel great for extreme cold - guaranteed not to crack or break even in the coldest water.

Big Reel Tip Up Frames......are made of Red Oak and are dip-painted in green lacquer.

Big Reel Tip Ups...

- Great for shallow water as well as deep water fishing

- Thousands of sets sold in the Traverse City area over the past 25 years

- Stores easily

- Extremely smooth trip action - works excellent for Walleye even in shallow water

- Deep water Trout fishing is easy with fast up & down with the big size of the reel

- Solid oak frames and tough reel easity withstand a lot of the beating when hauled in buckets and on fishing sleds

- Fathers hand 'em down to their kids and buy more for the grand kids - and brothers'-in-law's love them when given for gifts

- Big Reel Tip Ups are all hand built in Suttons Bay, Michigan and are shipped regularly around the world (even in the summer!)

ORDER Big Reel Tip Ups... $16.95 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling

- Order directly from Big Reel at 231-271-3202, fax orders to 231-271-5461

Jim Alpers, Owner, Big Reel Ice Fishing TipUps
Jim Alpers
Big Reel Tip Ups of Suttons Bay With fishing license in hand!

Books about Michigan & Books about Suttons Bay & Leelanau County and the "Leelanau Peninsula Lifestyle Mindset"!

About Suttons Bay
About Leelanau County

Take time to visit Inland Seas Education Association, home of the SchoolShip. Tom Kelly, the director of the school was telling me the other day that they have a great display and gift shop inside. (He's correct, I spent some time wandering inside their huge building - it used to house Northern Lumber - the leader in building materials in northern Michigan!)

Suttons Bay is located about 15 miles (about 20 minutes if traveling the speed limit!) north of Traverse City on M-22.

Suttons Bay is a lovely year 'round village surrounded to the east by Suttons Bay, and snuggged in under the hills along the shore.

The Suttons Bay downtown main street business district is lined with shops, boutiques, art galleries, some of the best Leelanau County Restaurants, The Bay Theatre and a few antique shops, and resale shops including The Red Ladder.

Take time to visit over 18 local Leelanau County Wineries and Leelanau Peninsula Vineyards while in Suttons Bay, MI

To learn more about how to help local businesses stay open please visit Internet Associate Programs.

For Information about books about Leelanau County, click on this link:
Leelanau County

Monday, June 26, 2006

Who thinks about ice fishing in June?

Was just curious to know what plans are being made during the summer for the winter ice fishing experience. What kind of equipment do you use?